To exchange cryptocurrency for cash you need to create an application on the site, choose the currency and direction of cash exchange, in which country and which city you need to receive cash, specify the desired amount and pay for the application. After receiving the last necessary network confirmation we will contact you within 15 minutes and provide you with the address and code-password for cash withdrawal in the selected city, cash withdrawal in Europe, USA, Canada and Middle East countries is carried out by meeting the courier at the appointed place.

Cash withdrawal:
Ukraine 3 hours
Europe 24 hours
UAE, Israel, Middle East 24 h.
USA, Canada, Latin America 48 h.

BTC, ETH, XMR and other cryptocurrencies exchange rate to USD is calculated automatically on the basis of rate of chosen cryptocurrency to USDT at exchange rate from 1USDT=1USD, and is fixed at the moment of receiving the last necessary network confirmation.

Necessary number of network confirmations for cryptocurrency crediting and transferring your request for payment:
BTC 2 ETH ERC20 65 LTC 10 XMR 10 DASH 10 BCH 10 ZEC 22 DOGE 15 USDT ERC20 65 USDT TRC20 20 USDT BEP20 40 USDC ERC20 65 USDC TRC20 20

The commission of the exchange office is included in the rate and is specified in a separate column when creating an application, before the payment. This commission is fixed and is not subject to change after the payment request.

All transactions are subject to mandatory AML-check.
AML-check is a detection of cases of money laundering obtained by fraudulent means. This includes preventing terrorist financing as well as detecting other illegal ways of handling money. If a high risk transaction is determined, we reserve the right to freeze assets until you provide the necessary data on your part.

If the risk scale of your address exceeds 70 points we recommend you to contact technical support immediately to agree upon an individual rate.


To exchange cash for cryptocurrency you need to choose an available city for cash transfer and currency of receipt, after creating a request the rate will be fixed for 3 hours and in 15 minutes you will be sent the address and password code for cash transfer. As soon as you transfer cash to the specified coordinates, you will be credited with the amount specified in the application to your cryptocurrency address. The fee for this direction is fixed and specified when creating an application before payment, it cannot be changed in the process of payment and execution.


1. You need to text us via telegram the amount, the currency, the city where you give and receive cash;

2. We will inform you on the amount of transfer fees, terms of processing, and additional conditions if any.

3. You will be asked to provide the contacts of the sender and the recipient in the following format:

Name/Local Phone Number/Tel Number. WhatsApp

4. Our specialists will contact the specified local contacts and coordinate the transfer of funds, depending on the city it can be an office, bank branch, currency exchange office or courier.

Ukraine 24 hrs.
Europe 24 hrs.
UAE, Israel, Middle East 24 hrs.
USA, Canada, Latin America 48 hrs.

Ukraine 0.1-1.0%.
World 1.0-5.0%

Minimum amount:
Ukraine $1,000
World $10,000

Available cities:
All cities in Ukraine, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Dubai, Istanbul, Antalya, Tel Aviv, Batumi, Tbilisi, Yerevan, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago as well as many other cities and countries upon request