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What are the current options for remittances abroad?

In order to maintain the hryvnia exchange rate and preserve the currency in the country, the National Bank has imposed restrictions on money transfers since the first days of the great war. Since then, there have been some relaxations, but the options are still limited.

According to the current rules, Ukrainians can only make SWIFT currency transfers abroad in exceptional cases for the following purposes

purchase of certain goods for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
paying for education
payment for treatment and transportation of patients;
covering the costs of returning the body of the deceased abroad;
payment of alimony;
fulfillment of obligations under external loans and borrowings.

As for other SWIFT transfers outside the country, the possibilities are limited.

There is a card-to-card option for transfers abroad – P2P, i.e. from a currency card of a bank in Ukraine (Visa or MasterCard) to a card of a bank in another country.

However, even in this case, there are limitations. First, they have a limit of the equivalent of UAH 100 thousand per month. Secondly, the transfer may fail, as not all banks support this type of crediting.

Transfers in hryvnia abroad to cards of Ukrainian banks are still possible. In this case, the same rules apply as in the case of transfers within Ukraine, and there are limits. They can amount to the equivalent of $10-25 thousand per month, depending on the payment systеm (Visa or MasterCard) or bank. At the same time, the limit for cash withdrawals will be

12.5 thousand UAH per week, and the total amount of payments during the month – up to 100 thousand UAH, or about 2.5 thousand Euros. In certain countries and cities, this is not even enough to pay for housing.

What amount can be taken abroad in cash

You can take out currency in the equivalent of 10 thousand euros across the border without declaring it. If you exceed the limit, you will need to have documents to prove it:

cash withdrawals from your own bank accounts and receipts for currency exchange transactions with this cash;
withdrawal of cash from own accounts for the purpose of export (valid for 90 calendar days from the date of withdrawal).
However, it’s not that simple, because even in this case, there are restrictions on cash withdrawals of no more than UAH 100 thousand per day. That is, if you need to withdraw more than EUR 10 thousand, you have every chance of going to the bank for weeks to get your money.

In addition, such activity may well raise questions from financial monitoring services, with the corresponding requirements to prove the legitimacy of the origin of these funds.

Finally, currency can be issued in accordance with applications for which certain banks have certain requirements. These may inсlude: tax returns and deposit statements, copies and even originals of contracts for, for example, the provision of services, if the funds are received under them.

What are the possibilities of transferring money abroad in cryptocurrency?

Ukraine is traditionally ranked among the top ten countries in the world where cryptocurrencies are used. At least, that was the case before the start of the Great War. In particular, one of the reasons for this was their use for money transfers abroad.

However, this is now subject to restrictions that make it no longer as easy to buy and transfer money abroad as it used to be.

The National Bank has set restrictions on the possibility of purchasing cryptocurrency in the equivalent of the same UAH 100 thousand per month. And even within this limit, there will be problems, as the channels for withdrawing funds or replenishing wallets are blocked amid scandals over gambling companies.

What are the possibilities of transfers from Ukraine abroad via SWIFT?

Thus, due to strict restrictions, Ukrainians face a number of problems with transfers and payments abroad. In particular, these are difficulties with

currency transfers to relatives in excess of the limit;
Sending and often receiving SWIFT and SEPA payments, in particular, to pay for goods or services from the United States, Europe, or other parts of the world;
paying for goods in Chinese yuan, transferring them to the accounts of Chinese companies and individuals;
exporting cash savings for investment or storage in other countries;
purchase of cryptocurrencies.
However, even in these circumstances, there are services that can provide money transfers with virtually no limits. For example, thanks to the services of

It makes SWIFT and SEPA payments all over the world.

How does it work? It looks like this: the client contacts the company and transfers cash to it, and the company makes payment according to the invoice or contract. This way, for example, you can pay for the purchase of a car, real estate, or any goods.

SWIFT and SEPA transfers can also be made in the opposite direction: the client pays for the goods to the company and receives cash or cryptocurrency.

Thus, it is quite possible to transfer money for a relative abroad, send cash and receive it yourself in another country. has offices in all regional centers, and you can receive funds in almost any country in the world. The only exceptions are Russia, Belarus, North Korea, and some other exiled countries.

There are no restrictions on the amount of transfers.

Fees for such transfers depend on the specific city and the day of the transfer. This is worth keeping in mind. Although, for some cities, if the client applies to the Kyiv office of, there may be no commission at all. Cash transfers take only one day to complete.

Is it possible to transfer yuan abroad?

In addition, the service provides transfers not only in dollars and euros, but also in Chinese yuan.

The principle of operation in this case is the same as for the above currencies. The client contacts the company and transfers cash to it. It doesn’t have to be in yuan – hryvnia, dollars, or euros are also acceptable.

For its part, will make the transfer to China, guaranteeing the best exchange rate.

You can get detailed information about the terms and fees for such transfers, exchange rates, and other information in the Telegram channel.

In addition to transfers and payments abroad, also offers the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency. Among the available cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, key stablecoins, and the most popular altcoins such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.

This can be done for cash at any of the company’s offices. The procedure is as simple as possible: the client specifies the address of the wallet to which he wants to receive the crypto, and the service makes a transfer to it. It can be either a wallet on any crypto exchange or a cold wallet.

In addition to cash, you can buy cryptocurrency directly on the website. Electronic payments are available here, so there is no need to go to the office.

In addition, you can sell cryptocurrency on the website and receive funds to Ukrainian bank cards. This option may be of interest, in particular, to those clients of crypto exchanges who are currently facing problems with withdrawing funds.