Terms of Use
1 General provisions
This agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”, “User Agreement”) describes the terms and conditions under which the service is provided.
The parties to this Agreement are (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) and any natural person using the services of the Service (hereinafter referred to as the “User”). The User must read and accept all of the terms of this agreement before using the Service. Otherwise, the User can not use the services.
This Agreement is posted for public access on the website 1654. and may be unilaterally changed by the Service Management without further notice to the User.

2 Terms and definitions Service is a systеm of Internet exchange services for electronic assets and electronic money exchange.
Service website is
User is any natural person, who uses the service and accepts the Agreement conditions.
Payment systеm – a software product, created by a third party, which is a mechanism for accounting monetary and/or other obligations, payment for goods and services on the Internet, as well as the organization of mutual settlements between users.
Electronic Assets – a monetary and/or other obligation between the developer of a given currency and its user, expressed digitally.
Payment/transaction – a transfer of electronic and/or other currency from the payer to the recipient.
Application means an expression of the User’s intention to use one of the services offered by the Service by filling in an electronic form through the website of the Service, under the conditions described in the Agreement and specified in the parameters of this Application.
Source currency – the electronic asset that the User wishes to sell or exchange.
Source Account – the number of the Wallet or any other designation of the User’s account in the Payment systеm from which the Source Currency was sent.
Resulting Currency – the electronic asset that the User receives as a result of the sale or exchange of the Source Currency.
Resulting account – the number of the wallet or any other designation of the User’s account in the Payment systеm to which the Resulting currency will be sent.
Currency Reserve – the amount of a certain Electronic Asset held by the Service at the time of creating the Order
Currency Exchange – Exchange of Electronic Currency of one Payment systеm for Electronic Currency of another Payment systеm.
Exchange rate – a value ratio of two Electronic Assets when exchanging them.

3. The Subject of the Agreement
The subject of this Agreement is providing the User with digital and electronic currency exchange services by the Service

4. Services and the method of providing them.
4.1 The User can order the Services by sending an Order through the Service’s website.
4.2 The User can exchange digital and electronic currencies or receive information about the exchange process through the user interface on the Service website.
4.3 Service performs the execution of the Orders according to the conditions of the corresponding payment systems.
4.4 Service is not a party of the agreement between the Payment systеm and the Customer of the Payment systеm and is not responsible for the actions of the other Payment systеm. The rights and obligations of the Payment systеm and its Customers are governed by the terms of service of the respective Payment Systems.
4.5 The Service does not require verification that the sender and the recipient of the funds involved in the transaction are the same person; the Service is not a party in the relationship between the sender and the recipient of digital or electronic currencies
4.6 By using the Service, the User confirms that they legally own and control the funds and digital currency involved in the corresponding Transaction.
4.7 The User undertakes to calculate and pay all taxes and fees required by the tax laws at the User’s location.

5. Cost of services
5.1 The Service fee is set by the management of the Service and is published on the website of the Service.
5.2 The Service reserves the right to change the exchange rates and the charged fees unilaterally at any time.
5.3 The Order created by the User on the Service’s website will contain the exchange rate, the amount of commission charged by the respective Payment systеm, as well as the total amount of currency or electronic currency to be transferred and received.
6. Terms of use of the Account on
6.1 By registering on the Website, you agree to submit accurate data about yourself to in accordance with the registration procedure on the Website.
6.2 We may carry out additional checks on your information and request any necessary documentation and data related to the exchange (passport, card photo, video verification of the User, sending receipts and other necessary data) for any reason related to your use of the services and/or as supporting evidence for any information you provide. If the conditions for providing documents are not met, the service has the right to refuse to provide services and initiate a refund to the sender’s details within seven banking days.
6.3. Service administration may at any time and at its own discretion refuse you the opportunity to open an Account, limit the Account or suspend any transaction until the review of any information provided by you.
6.4 You acknowledge that you are responsible for maintaining the strict confidentiality of your Account information, including your password, and for all activities and transactions posted on your Account.
6.5 You agree that you will not use the Services for any criminal activity, including money laundering, illegal gambling, or terrorist financing. You further warrant that you will not use methods to disguise the location from which you are accessing the Site, and that you will disclose your exact and true location to the Service upon its request. If the Service, in its sole discretion, determines that activity in your Account is suspicious or related to any prohibited activity or illegal transaction, the Company may suspend your Account, block any pending transactions, reject any subsequent transactions.

7. Electronic Currency Exchange
7.1 By placing an Order the User authorizes and Service, in its own name and at the User’s expense, performs an exchange of Electronic Currency of one Payment systеm (Reference Currency) for the Electronic Currency of another Payment systеm (Resulting Currency) chosen by the User.
7.2 The User undertakes to transfer the Source Currency as specified in the Application, and Service, upon receipt of the particular Electronic Currency, undertakes to transfer (deliver) the resulting Currency to the User, calculated in accordance with the exchange rate and the Service’s Tariffs.
7.3 Within the time allocated by the Regulations (depending on the direction of the exchange) from the moment the funds are received from the User, in the amount specified in the corresponding Application, the Service is obliged to transfer the received Electronic Currency or fiat currency to the details and in the amount specified by the User in the Application, unless force majeure circumstances prevent this.
7.4 The Application must be paid for exclusively through the payment form on our website (merchant), which is available after clicking on the “Pay” button. Payment by requisition is not allowed.
7.5 The obligation of Service to transfer Electronic Currency to the User shall be considered fulfilled at the moment of debiting Electronic Currency in the respective Payment systеm from the account of Service, which is recorded in the transaction history of the respective Payment systеm.
7.6 Service shall have the right to cancel the Order, created by the User, if funds in the amount of the Initial Currency have not been credited to the Service account within 30-90 minutes.
7.7 The exchange rate is not fixed when creating an order. If the rate changes by 0.01% before the funds are credited, the machine automatically recalculates the rate at the time of deposit to the partner exchange, according to the last confirmation of the network, see the table of confirmations of item. 7.8. The application is deleted automatically after 30-90 minutes if the deposit is not received, also at receipt of payment the application will be restored automatically, in this case the sum of payment on the application will be recalculated at the rate at the moment of receipt of payment.
7.8 The number of transaction confirmations in which the Payment Partner will credit the account of the Service.
7.9 Timeframe for crediting funds to Visa and MasterCard cards of Ukrainian banks varies from several seconds to 5 working days. In general, 99% of transfers are credited instantly.
7.9.1 Deposits and withdrawals by Visa/MasterCard EUR/USD are not supported from any cards of banks of these countries.
7.10. If the User’s Electronic Asset account address has not passed the security check (AML), in order to receive the resulting currency or refund (according to clause 10) of the Electronic Asset, the User is obliged to video verify (send a video to, which will clearly show the User’s face, passport, and application information. Also, if the User’s purse has risks related to “High” (Dark Market, Dark Service, Illegal Service) to the video verification must be added information about the origin of funds: how these funds were with the User? (Transferred from another platform (path, hash and details), bought on the platform (orders), bought by arrangement (correspondence, proof of payment and crediting of purchased), etc.)
7.11. Service reserves the right to suspend a transaction and withhold funds from the User to prevent fraudulent or other actions that may cause financial or reputational losses for the Service or the User.
7.12. The service has the right to establish quantitative limits for the transactions. The information about the limits is published on the website of the Service. In case the User has violated the minimum – maximum transaction limits when paying for the transaction, the Service is not responsible for the User’s losses caused by this error.
7.13. If the User has transferred an Electronic Asset in a network different from the one stated in the Order, the resulting currency or the refund (according to p.10) of the Electronic Asset will be credited to the User minus 25 USD and the network commission.
7.14. The Service does not support transactions with smart contracts. The Service is not liable for any financial losses of the Customer that may be caused by a smart contract transaction initiated by the Customer.
8. Entry into force of the Agreement
8.1 This Agreement is deemed entered into under the terms of the public offer accepted by the User when submitting the Order.
8.2 A public offer is any information displayed by the Service on the website of the Service, including information displayed in the course of the Order placement.
8.3 The acceptance of the public offer is the User’s actions upon completion of the Order form, confirming their intention to use the services of the Service under the conditions described in this Agreement and specified in the Order.
8.4 The date and time of the acceptance, as well as the parameters of the conditions of the Application are recorded by the Service automatically at the time of completion of the formation of the Application.
8.5 The Agreement shall come into force at the moment the User completes the formation of the Order. The User has the right to refuse to carry out a transaction on the Order prior to the payment of the Transaction.

9. Liability of the Parties
9.1 Service is financially responsible to the User in the amount of money or electronic assets the User has entrusted for making the Order.
9.2 Service is not responsible for defects, errors and malfunctioning of software and/or hardware, which ensure the operation of the Service, for the reasons beyond the control of the Service, as well as for the User’s losses connected with it.
9.3 The Service provides services for exchanging, buying and selling electronic assets or electronic money. Service does not provide fundraising services, does not provide payment for goods or services of other providers.
9.4 Service is not responsible for the User’s losses, resulting from unauthorized actions of third parties.
9.5 Service is not responsible for any delayed or unrealized Requests, caused by an error of another Payment systеm or bank, specified by the User in the executed Request.
9.6 The User shall be solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the User when filling out the Application. If the User has not stated or has stated information incorrectly, Service is not responsible for any loss incurred by the User as a result of such a mistake.
9.7 Information about the transaction is stored in the database of the service and is the primary source of reference for the parties in dispute situations.
9.8 The parties are released from liability for full or partial failure to perform their obligations under the Agreement if such failure was caused by force majeure events that occurred after the Agreement came into force, as a result of extraordinary events that could not have been foreseen and prevented by reasonable measures.
10. Refunds .

10.1 The Service obligates to return the Electronic Assets sent by the User to the Service accounts only in case the Exchange has not completed, i.e. the User has not received the Active Assets from the Service to their accounts, except for the situations mentioned in the paragraph 7.10 (failure to pass the AML check).
10.2 Refunds are made for the amount of the Electronic Assets sent by the User to the Service, minus the commission fee within the payment systеm network and the difference between the exchange rate of coins/usdt.
10.3 The actions of the Service regarding the refund begin only after the User has contacted the Service support. This means that the Service takes no action in regard to the refund without the User’s application.

11. Other provisions
11.1 Service reserves the right to make amendments to the Agreement unilaterally by publishing them on the systеm website. Changes come into force from the date of publication, unless another effective date is not additionally specified when the changes are published.
11.2 Service reserves the right to refuse a user to submit an application without explaining the reason for refusal.
11.3 The Service reserves the right, in case of suspicious activities during the User’s application processing, to suspend such activities until the reasons for these activities are clarified, in order to avoid the damages caused by hacker attacks.
11.4 The service has the right to send information about the exchange process to the User at the specified e-mail address, because it is an integral part of successful exchange completion.
11.5 The Service may suspend the site for maintenance. In other words, the User assumes the risks associated with the fact that he or she cannot always use the services and website, or perform urgent transactions using your account.
11.6 Information about the User and his transactions is stored on the server and cannot be deleted.